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[Audio]Chinese conversation: Brief chat <1>

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Woman:  你好!——  Hiya! (Hi)
Man: 你好!——  Hello.
Woman: 你工作忙吗? —— Are you busy? (Is your work busy?)
Man: 很忙,你呢? —— (yes,) Very busy. And you?
Woman: 我不太忙。—— I'm not very busy.

Man:  您早。——  Good morning.
Woman:  老师好。—— Hello, teacher.
Teacher:你们好。—— Hello.
Man:  老师忙吗?—— Are you busy, teacher?
Teacher:  很忙,你们呢?—— (yes,) Very busy. And you?
Man: 我不忙。—— I'm not busy.
Woman: 我也不忙。—— I'm not busy too.

Woman: 刘晶,你好。—— Hello, Liu Jing.
Man: 你好。——  Hi.
Woman: 你爸爸妈妈身体好吗?—— How is your parent's health?  (Do your father and mother feel good?)
Man: 他们都很好,谢谢!—— They are fine. Thanks!

Pronunciation & meanings

language structure characters pinyin(Chinese Pronunciation) phonetic symbol meanings
short sentence 你(您)好。 ni(ning) hao. [ni:]([ninN]) [dzau]

 Hiya. (Hello)

short sentence  你(您)工作忙吗?  ni(ning) gong zuo mang ma?  [ni:]([ninN]) [gRn] [dzwR] [mQnN] [ma:]

Are you busy? (Is your work busy?)

short sentence (我)很忙。  (wo) hen mang. ([wR:]) [hen] [mQnN]

(yes,) Very busy.

short sentence 你(你们)呢? ni(ni men) ne? [ni:] ([ni:] [men]) [nE]  

And you?

short sentence   我不太忙。 wo bu tai mang. [wR:] [bu:] [tai] [mQnN]

I'm not very busy.

short sentence 你(您)早。  ni(ning) zao. [ni:] ([ninN]) [dzau]

Good morning (to you).

short sentence 老师好。 lao shi hao.  [lau] [Fr] [hau]

Good morning, teacher.

short sentence 你们好。 ni men hao. [ni:] [men] [hau]

hello, everybody.

short sentence 老师忙吗? lao shi mang ma? [lau] [Fr] [mQnN] [ma:]

Are you busy, teacher?

short sentence 我不忙。 wo bu mang. [wR:] [bu:] [mQnN]

I'm not busy.

short sentence 我也不忙。 wo ye bu mang. [wR:] [je] [bu:] [mQnN]

I'm not busy too.

short sentence XX身体好吗? XX shen ti hao ma? XX [Fen] [ti:] [hau] [ma:] 

How is XX?(How is XX's health? / Does XX feel good?)

short sentence 他们都很好。 ta men dou hen hao. [ta:] [men] [dEu] [hen] [hau] 

They are all fine. (Both of them are fine.)

word tai [tai]