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[Audio]Chinese conversation:Let me introduce (sb.) to you

          (Free Mandarin Course)

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第5课 我介绍一下 —— Lesson 5   Let me introduce (sb.) to you.  /  Let me have an introduction.

句子 ——  Sentence

Woman: 他是谁?——  Who is him?
Woman: 我介绍一下。—— Let me introduce him/her/them (to you).
Woman: 你去哪?——  Where will you go?
Woman: 张老师在家吗?—— Is teacher Zhang at home?
Woman: 我是张老师的学生。——  I'm teacher Zhang's student.
Woman: 请进。——  Come in please.

Pronunciation & meanings

language structure characters pinyin(Chinese Pronunciation) phonetic symbol meanings
word shui [Fui]


word 介绍(一下)  jie shao (yi xia) [dVie] [Fau] ([i:] [FiQ])


word  qu [tri:]

go, go to, leave, be apart from, get rid of, remove

word na [na:]


word  jia [dViQ]

home, family

word 在家  zai jia [dzai] [dViQ

at home

word qing [tFinN

please, invite

word 进(进来) jin (jin lai) [dVin] ([dVin] [lai])

be in, come in, enter

short sentence 他是谁? ta shi shui [ta:] [Fr] [Fui]

Who is him?

short sentence 我介绍一下。 wo  jie shao yi xia [wC:] [dVie] [Fau] [i:] [FiQ]

Let me have an introduction.

short sentence 你去哪? ni qu na [ni:] [tri:] [na:]

where will you go?

short sentence 张老师在家吗? zhang lao shi zai jia ma [dzQnN] [lau] [Fr] [dzai] [dViQ] [ma:]

Is teacher Zhang at home?

short sentence 我是张老师的学生。 wo shi zhang lao shi de xue sheng [wC:] [Fr] [dzQnN] [lau] [Fr] [de] [Fue] [FenN]

I'm teacher Zhang's student.

short sentence 请进。 qing jin [tFinN] [dVin]

Come in please.