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[Audio]Chinese conversation:Compellation exchange <2>

         (Free Mandarin Course)

Audio frequence


3. 替换与扩展  —— Replacement and extension
替换   —— Replacement
Woman:  我认识你。 ——   I know you.
Woman:  我认识他。 ——   I know him.
Woman:  我认识那个学生。 ——  I know that student.
Woman:  我认识玛丽。 —— I know Marie.
Woman:  我认识他们老师。 ——  I know their teacher.
Woman:  我认识这个人。 —— I know this people (man/woman).
Woman:  他是老师吗? ——  Is he a teacher?
Man:  他不是老师。他是学生。 ——  He is not a teacher. He is a student.
Woman:  他是大夫吗?  —— Is he doctor?
Man:  他不是大夫。他是留学生。 —— He is not a doctor. He is a overseas(foreign) student.
Woman:  她是你妹妹吗? —— Is she your younger sister?
Man:  她不是我妹妹。她是我朋友。—— She is not my younger sister. She is my friend.
Woman:  他是你朋友吗? —— Is he your friend?
Man:  他不是我朋友。他是我哥哥。 —— He is not my friend. He is my elder brother.

扩展   —— Extension
Man:  我不认识那个人。她叫什么?  ——  I don't know that woman. What's her name?(who is she?)
Woman:  她叫玛丽。——  She is Marie.
Man:  她是美国人吗? ——  Is she an American?
Woman:  是,她是美国人。 —— Yes, she is an American.

Pronunciation & meanings

language structure characters pinyin(Chinese Pronunciation) phonetic symbol meanings
word 认识 ren shi [ren] [Fr]


word 这个  zhe ge [dVe] [ge]


word  那个 na ge [na:] [ge]


word ren [ren]  


word  老师 lao shi [lau] [Fr


word 学生  xue sheng [FuE] [FenN


word 留学生 liu xue sheng [liu] [FuE] [FenN

overseas student, foreign student

phrase 他们(的)老师 ta men (de) lao shi [ta:] [men] ([de]) [lau] [Fr]

their teacher

word 大夫 dai fu [dai] [fu] 


word 哥哥 ge ge [ge] [ge]

elder brother

word 妹妹 mei mei [mei] [mei]

younger sister 

word 朋友 peng you [penN] [jEu]


word ta [ta:]

he, him

word ta [ta:]

she, her

word 他们/她们/它们 ta men [ta:] [men]


word 美国 mei guo [mei] [guR]

America, U.S, U.S.A

word 美国人 mei guo ren [mei] [guR] [ren]


phrase 这个人 zhe ge ren [dVe] [ge] [ren] 

this people(man/woman)

short sentence 我认识XX。 wo ren shi XX [wR:] [ren] [Fr] XX

I know XX(him/it/Marie/this man).

short sentence 他是XX吗? ta shi XX ma [ta:] [Fr] XX [ma:]

Is he XX (a student/Marie)?

short sentence 他不是XX。 ta bu shi XX [ta:] [bu:] [Fr] XX

He is not XX (a teacher/Tom).

short sentence 他是XX。 ta shi XX [ta:] [Fr] XX

He is XX (a doctor/Jack).

short sentence 我不认识XX。 wo bu ren shi XX [wR:] [bu:] [ren] [Fr] XX

I don't know XX(Marie/this thing).

short sentence 他(她)叫什么? ta jiao shen me [ta:] [dViau] [Fen] [me]

What's his/her name? (who is him/her?)