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[Audio]Chinese conversation:Compellation exchange

         (Free Mandarin Course)

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2. 会话  —— Dialog
Woman A:  我叫玛丽(Marie)。你姓什么?   ——   My name is Marie.(I'm Marie.)  What's your surname?
Woman B:  我姓王。我叫王兰。认识你真高兴。  ——  My family name is Wang. My name is Wang Lan. Glad to see you.
Woman A:  认识你我也很高兴。 —— Me too. (Nice to meet you too.)
Student:      老师,您贵姓?  ——   Could I have your surname, teacher?
Teacher:     我姓张。你叫什么名字? ——  My surname is Zhang. What's your name?
Student:      我叫大卫(David)。他姓什么?——  My name is David. What's his surname?
Teacher:     他姓王。 ——  His family name is Wang.
Student:      他是老师吗?——  Is he a teacher?
Teacher:     他不是老师。他是学生。—— No, he is not a teacher. He is a student.

Pronunciation & meanings

language structure characters pinyin(Chinese Pronunciation) phonetic symbol meanings
word xing  [FinN]

last name, family name, surname

word 名字  ming zi [minN] [dzr]


word  jiao [dViau]

call(me), named

word 认识 ren shi [ren] [Fr] 

meet, know

word  shi [Fr


word 学生  xue sheng [FuE] [FenN


word 老师 lao shi [lau] [Fr


word ye  [je] 

too, also

short sentence 我叫玛丽(Marie)。 wo  jiao ma li  [wC:[dViau] [ma:] [li:] 

My name is Marie.

short sentence 你姓什么? ni xing shen me [ni:] [FinN] [Fen] [me]

What's your family name?

short sentence 我姓王。 wo xing wang [wC:] [FinN] [wQnN]

My surname is Wang. 

short sentence 认识你真高兴。 ren shi ni zhen gao xing [ren] [Fr] [ni:] [dVen] [gau] [FinN]

Glad to see you.(Nice to meet you.)

short sentence 认识你我也很高兴。 ren shi ni wo ye hen gao xing [ren] [Fr] [ni:] [wC:] [je] [hen] [gau] [FinN]

Nice to meet you too.

short sentence 老师,您贵姓? lao shi , nin gui xing [lau] [Fr] [ninN] [gui] [FinN

Could I have your family name, teacher?

short sentence 你叫什么名字? ni jiao shen me ming zi [ni:] [dViau]  [Fen] [me] [minN] [dzr]

What's your name?

short sentence 他姓什么? ta  xing shen me [ta:] [FinN] [Fen] [me] 

What's his surname?

short sentence 他姓王。 ta xing wang [ta:] [FinN] [wQnN

His family name is Wang

short sentence 他是老师吗? ta shi lao shi ma [ta:] [Fr] [lau] [Fr] [ma:] 

Is he a teacher?

short sentence  他不是老师。 ta bu shi lao shi [ta:] [bu:] [Fr] [lau] [Fr

He is not a teacher.

short sentence 他是学生。 ta shi xue sheng [ta:] [Fr] [FuE] [FenN]

He is a student.

word zhen [dVen]

very, really

word 高兴 gao xing [gau] [FinN]

glad, happy, nice

phrase 真高兴 zhen gao xing [dVen] [gau] [FinN]

very glad, really nice

phrase 不是 bu shi [bu:] [Fr]

is not, are not