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Come and Apply Now for MBBS in Hangzhou, Zhejiang!!
By sally on 2020-01-13

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 



MBBS in English taught.

The program takes six years to complete.

Year    Courses

1st Semester

2nd Semester

1st Academic Year


Basic Mathematics for Medicine I, Introduction to Modern Biological Science,General Physics, Basic Mathematics for Medicine Ⅱ, Chinese Ⅰ

General Physics Lab, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry,Chinese Ⅱ,History of Medicine,Global Health,Early Exposure To Clinic

2nd Academic Year


Biochemistry,Histology & Embryology,Systematic Anatomy,Chinese Ⅲ

Biochemistry Lab,Medical Genetics,Physiology,Regional Anatomy,Medical Psychology,Chinese Ⅳ

3rd Academic Year


Medical Immunology,Pathology,Medical ,Microbiology

&Parasitology,Survey of China,Medical Chinese

Pathophysiology,Pharmacology,Forensic medicine ,Internal Medicine Ⅰ,Medical Chinese Ⅰ,Biostatistics

4th Academic Year

(Pre-Clinic and Clinic)

Biomedical Informatics,Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine,Surgery I,Preventive Medicine,Social Medicine & Ethics, Epidemiology,Medical Chinese Ⅱ,Basic Medical Sciences Exam

Surgery Ⅱ,Radiology,Obstetrics & Gynecology,Internal Medicine Ⅱ,Medical Chinese Ⅲ

5th Academic Year


Pediatrics,Internal Medicine Ⅲ,Surgery Ⅲ,Communicable Diseases,Community Medicine,Medical Chinese Ⅳ


Dermatovenereology,Psychiatry,Neurology,Clinical Training,Otorhinolaryngology,Stomatology,Ophthalmology

,Emergency Medicine, Medical Chinese Ⅴ

6th Academic Year


Senior clerkship

Senior clerkship

*The students must score 190 in HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, the Chinese Proficiency Test) Level Ⅳ or above and pass HSKK(HSK Speaking Test) Intermediate Level before taking the senior clerkship in China.

*More than top 20% students can get outstanding academic performance scholarship every year.


Tuition fee: 42,800 Chinese Yuan(Approx US$ 7,000) /year for M.B.B.S

Accommodation: 9,000 Chinese Yuan (Approx US$1300)/year/person, for twin rooms;13,500 Chinese Yuan (Approx US$2000)/year/person, for single rooms

Residence permit: 400 Chinese Yuan(US$60)/year

Health examination: 400 Chinese Yuan(US$60)

Health insurance: Covered by University Health insurance plan (see details)

Miscellaneous: Food 8,000 Chinese Yuan(US$1,200)/year

* The fee for accommodation excludes electricity and water bill.


Application Materials:

1. Photocopy of Passport

2. Diploma or Pre-Graduation Certificate(Chinese Or English)

3. High School Transcript(Chinese Or English)

4. Recommendation Letter

5. Personal Statement

6. English Proficiency Certificate eg. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

7. Application Form for University Scholarship

8. Bank Remittance Voucher


Deadline: 2020.3.31




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