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Preparatory Course class And Chinese Language For Spring Intake
By sally on 2019-12-04

Location: Qingdao, Shandong Province 


Spring semester of 2020:2020.2.17-2020.6.19


Program Name

Course Content

Chinese Language Program

Intensive Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese reading, HSK Tutorials, Chinese Culture practice

English-medium Foundation Program

Mathematics, Physics,  Chemistry,  English

Chinese-medium Foundation Program ( Science & Engineering)

Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


1.Applicants in any Chinese-medium program should inform our admissions office of their Chinese proficiency (beginner/lower intermediate/intermediate/upper intermediate/advanced level) during the application.

2.Applicants in the English-medium Foundation Program should provide the TOEFL iBT 60 or above/IELTS 5.0 or above/certificate of English as the instruction language during previous studies. Applicants from countries with English as official language can be exempted from the above documents.

3.Students can apply for bachelor’s degree studies when they pass the Foundation Program final exams.



One semester ( 2020.2.17-2020.6.19):Tuition Fee CNY 7000

Two semesters (2020.2.17-2021.1.8):Tuition Fee CNY 14000


Accommodation fee:



Scholarship values: half tuition fee exempted:

New student scholarship is available for students applying any of the above study programs for two semester studies (2020.2.17-2021.1.8). Scholarship students will pay CNY 7000 in total upon registration for their entire studies (2020.2.17-2021.1.8).

If scholarship students in the 2020 spring semester wish to apply for a bachelor's program study in the 2020 fall semester, they should declare that they would give up the scholarship of the 2020 spring semester and become a self-sponsored student for the 2020 spring semester. In that case, they are then eligible to apply for the following bachelor's scholarship for the 2020 fall semester.


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