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Bachelor and Chinese Language Programs in Beautiful City-Beijing
By shirly on 2019-10-10

一、Location: Beijing



Scholarships are given first for the first year, and then assessed according to the results of the previous year from the second year. Scholarships are 10 % -100 % of the tuition fee reduction. The average score of more than 80 points can be applied for 10 % -90 %. If the score is greater than 90 points, you can apply for 100 %. The sooner you apply for a scholarship, the better.

三、Bachelor program: (English taught)

1. International economics and trade;

2. E-commerce; 

3. International finance;

4. International marketing;

5. Chinese business studies;

6. international business.


Tuition39,900/year for bachelor

16,000/year for Chinese language

五、Application materials:

1. Application form

2. Custody release form

3. Proof of language proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC or HSK

4. Personal statement

5. Copy of photo page of passport

6. Diploma or degree certificate

7. Transcripts/mark sheets

六、application deadline: 2019.11.30



If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


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