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Affordable Programs of 2020 March Intake in Beautiful City Guilin
By Stella on 2019-09-20

Location: Guilin, Guangxi Province 


Chinese Language Program:

Tuition fee: 11,000 RMB/Year


Bachelor Degree: 

English-taught: Civil Engineering; Business Administration

Chinese-taught: Chinese; English; Japanese; Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Statistics; Information and Computer Science, Applied Physics; Electrical engineering and Automation; Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation; Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering; Electronic Science and Technology; Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Microelectronics and Information Technology; Computer science and Technology; Education; Software Engineering; Digital Media Technology; Network Engineering; Information Security; Information Management and Information System; Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument; Electronic Information Science and Technology; Optical Information Science and Technology; Intelligent Science and Technology; Material Forming and Control Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Biological Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering; Traffic engineering; Financial Management; E-commerce; Industrial Engineering; International Economics and Trade; Accounting; Human Resources Management; Marketing; Logistics Management; Administration; Public Affairs Management; Law; Industrial Design; Visual Communication Design; Environmental Art Design; Public Art Design; Costume Design and Performance; Animation


Tuition fee:

8,500 RMB for the first year;

From the second year, students can get tuition wavier every year according to their academic performance at university: 2% international students will be exempted from tuition; 10% only need to pay 8,500 RMB one year; the rest students need to pay full tuition 13,000 RMB one year.


Application materials:

1. Photocopy of Passport

2. Application Form

3. Highest Graduation Certificate and Transcript

4. Non-criminal Certificate

5. Certificate of Health Examination

6. Bank Statement

If you want to study in China, please contact Stella for more details:

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