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New Programs For 2020 March-Intake in Fujian Province!
By shirly on 2019-09-19


Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian Province


Chinese language:

Tuition fee: 15000RMB/Year


Degree students: Chinese taught

Bachelor: Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher EducationChinese Language and LiteratureChinese International EducationBroadcasting and TelevisionEditorial and Publishing ScienceAdvertisingRadio and TV DirectingEnglish(Teacher Education)Business EnglishTranslationJapaneseIdeological and Political Education (Teacher Education)Politics and AdministrationLawSocial WorkEconomicsInternational Economy and TradeEconomics and FinanceEconomic StatisticsTourism ManagementMarketingHuman Resources ManagementFinancial AdministrationHistory(Teacher Education)Geography(Teacher Education)Educational Technology(Teacher Education)Primary Education(Teacher Education)Preschool Education(Teacher Education)Psychology(Teacher Education)Musicology(Teacher Education)MusicologyFine Arts(Teacher Education)Public ArtMathematics and Applied Mathematics(Teacher Education)Mathematics and Applied MathematicsInformation and Computational ScienceStatisticsComputer Science and TechnologyNetwork EngineeringSoftware EngineeringPhysics(Teacher Education)Photoelectric Information Science  and EngineeringElectronic Information Science and TechnologyElectrical Engineering and AutomationElectronic Information EngineeringChemistry(Teacher Education)Science Education(Teacher Education)Applied ChemistryEnvironmental ScienceEnvironmental EngineeringBiological Science(Teacher Education)HorticultureLandscape GardeningFood Science and EngineeringFood Science and EngineeringPhysical Education (Teacher Education)Guidance and Management of Social Sport




Application materials:

1. Scanned copy of Foreigner's physical examination report.

2. Scanned copy of Graduation certificate.

3. Scanned copy of Transcript.

4. Scanned copy of HSK certificate. (Language learners need not to provide.)

5. Scanned copy of Passport.

6. Scanned copy of Proof of economic capability.

7. Resume,

8. Scanned copy of Recommendation letter. (Language learners need not to provide. )

9. Scanned copy of Police clearence.

10. Files which can prove an applicant's comprehensive abilities, such as certificates of awards. These can be handed in with the above materials at the same time(The university will give priority to such applicants).


If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


Tel: 0086-15857187587

Whatsapp: 8615068158042

Facebook: Shirly Guo

Twitter: Shilry81054676

Instagram: guo.shirly

Wechat: CUECC2

skype: teachcn



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