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364 Egyptian Students With Chinese Government Scholarships are Going to Study in China
By shirly on 2019-09-02

364 Egyptian Students With Chinese Government Scholarships are Going to Study in China

The Chinese Embassy in Egypt held a reception on the 28th to send 364 Egyptian students to China who won the 2019 Chinese government scholarship.

Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liaoliqiang said at the reception that 364 Egyptian students received scholarships from the Chinese government in 2019. Their fields of study at Chinese universities include aerospace, life sciences, marine science, mechanical engineering, and computers. In recent years,China has trained hundreds of young Egyptian scientific and technological talents, and China is ready to do its utmost to help Egypt cultivate future talents.

Qiameiliya·subuxi, assistant minister of higher education and scientific research in Egypt, said the two countries have deep friendship and good cooperation, the most representative of which is the two countries in the field of education cooperation. At present, many Egyptian universities have opened Chinese majors and even Chinese departments. At the same time, Egypthas also established a number of Confucius colleges and Confucius classrooms. It is hoped that more Egyptian students will study in China in the future.

In an interview with reporters, Songbo, educational counselor of the Chinese Embassy inEgypt, said that in recent years,China and Egypthave continued to strengthen cooperation in the field of education.Egyptranks among the top African countries in the number of international students who receive scholarships from the Chinese government each year.

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